I would gladly pay you tomorrow.......

for a cheeseburger today.

Not to "toot" my own horn... but I think these are just so FLIPPIN cute!

They are on their way to becoming stitch markers.

( actually , at the time of this photo, they are on their way to the oven)

I spent all day mixing colors, and building "burgers", and I absolutely love the way they came out.


Ohh, Uhhhhhmm. Pardon me....... ☺


  1. They are great...In fact, until I read the whole post, I thought they were real!

  2. Thanks! I'm hoping for similar results with the "hotdogs". ☺

  3. But if you cook them now, how are you going to add the stuff to make them markers?
    However they are pretty dang cute!

  4. Hi Bettina,
    Sometimes I poke a hole in them before baking and other times I drill the hole after, so I don't squish something by accident. I drilled the holes after on these. ☺

  5. These are adorable. They look just like burgers delicious ones at that :)

  6. They sure are cute :-) Thank you for visiting my blog with OWOH


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