A.D.D. is alive and well at my house

It started out all innocent like.
I wanted to try my hand at some buttons. I figured it would be a good opportunity to try some of the surface techniques from this book by Ellen Marshall.

(Love it, by the way. What I wouldn't give to take a class. OK, I'm wandering again.....)

Back to the buttons. I was trying to decide the best size to make. I wanted to go big but not too big. So I thought maybe I will make something to show as an example of what you can do with these large buttons.

I decided to go with crochet, since I am pretty decent with that, thanks to my late Grandma Dubberke. (She tried like hell to teach me to knit, but I sucked so badly that she finally settled on crochet. I don't think I let her down.)

There I go again...

OK, back to the subject. I started with this neckwarmer and fell in love with the pattern.

(Thank you Danielle, for being my model. I know I told you I would crop the photos, but these were just too cute :-)

Then this one...

Then, I had to try a chunkier yarn..

I likey.

It was soft and cuddly, but it might be considered a bit bulky by some, so I had to try yet another type.

The color is awesome and the weight and "softyness" is just about right .

These neckwarmers were all perfect for the medium sized buttons and I had made, but what to do with the large size buttons?

Well, I had some different types of yarn left from experimenting, so why not a hat?

And, as things usually happen this way to me, I fell in love with the pattern.


I had to make another. But of course I had to try a different kind of yarn.


And of course during the whole "Hat Making Experiment" (my first, by the way), I found out that I needed to mark my stitches.

Well, what happened at this point is pretty predictable around here. Why just use a piece of yarn or a store bought stitch marker when I can make my own. I have seen stitch markers made with just a wire hook or a lobster claw clasp (which I thought was a great idea), but I wanted something that would work good with the bulky yarn I have been using.

And these were born.....

They work super cool for the bulky yarn and they don't snag.

Functional and pretty wasn't good enough though.
I had to get "Cute" too.

Aren't they??

Have I finished cleaning up my work space??

Uh... no.

The last time I sat at my table I still had a space open. It measured about 3"x3" but it worked ok.

It doesn't really matter that my work table is almost 4 ft x 8 ft. I'll clear off some more space when I don't have so much to do.


  1. I'm am in love with your designs. I wish I lived nearby so I could get some unique fashion :)


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