I Know You've Been Waiting.......

Thought I would show you what I did with the stairs.

When I laid the Pergo in the bedroom and hallway, I had every intention of doing the stairs too.

After feeling just how slippery this stuff is, I knew I had to cover the stairs with SOMETHING.

I have mentioned that I have dogs (my babies) and they run up and down these stairs at top speed.

Then I thought to myself, if I am going to have to cover them anyway why go through all the work of putting down Pergo.

I decided to paint instead.
The stairs are made out of that really chunky kind of particle board, so they have a really cool texture. I painted them with a tannish paint, then went over them with a really dark glaze.
I really like the way the painting came out.
Then I had to figure out how to cover them for "dog safety".
And , honestly, as slick as that Pergo is there is definitely an issue with "people safety" also.

So, I started looking for "carpet squares". Apparently they are one of the coolest new things to hit the interior design world.
(Obviuosly, I watch too much HGTV & DIY).
But, considering the blank looks I got from the people at the carpet stores, I have to assume the whole "carpet square phenom" hasn't hit Alaska yet.
So I opted for the next best thing, I found some area rugs that were the perfect size.
I cut them in half lengthwise and stapled them to the stair.
I love the color it adds, they vacuum great and if they get too dirty it's very inexpensive to replace them. And no flying down the stairs on your ass!


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